Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maybe you guys won't find new updates from me for one weeks from now..
Coz I have other things to do ( my primary job )..
So.. be patient and pray for my dilligentness ( coz I usually a li'l bit lazy ) :p

Oh.. and if there are difficulties to build my model.. you can ask for tutorial and I will show the line for each part, kay ??
See ya!!


  1. Hey,
    Your papercrafts are so cool... The MR. Bean is fantastic!
    But will you make a tutorial for Mr. Bean?
    Then I can finish him...
    His head is so difficult...

    Marc ( The Netherlands )

  2. Thanks Marc,

    Shortly you must start from the hair..
    then move to the bottom level to the neck..
    I make it that away actually..

    Okay... to make it visible, I'll post it for you Marc, just be patient, kay ??


  3. I'll be waiting :)
    On the half of his head, there is the problem