Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm so glad now I can make a blog of my own.. :)

It really takes alot of efforts ( pheeww )And here we go :

To All papercraftmania out there!!!!If you got some model you want to make.. please let me know, and I'll make one for you ( with little donation and time off course )..

Let the parade begin...

Odin ( from FF VIII)

( also from FF VIII)


Ape Escape

I also make some of my own, but unfortunately just one model I made this far,


  1. Wow... it's so great... I'm looking for ichinogami tutorial on web and now find your blog, will you share your tutorials, please?
    I wait your tutorials... and thanks before.

  2. @azwar akbar
    To be honest, I kind of a little bit confused what 2 do with my blog right now. But I would like helping you with your request..

    Let's see, did you want to know how I make them?

  3. hello just by chance I could spend deodin patterns of Odin (FF VIII) I really like to build it